SOUTHERN PIEDMONT HISTORICAL REENACTMENT SOCIETY -  The 49th North Carolina Troops and 21st Massachusetts Infantry!
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The Southern Piedmont Historical Reenactment Society, Inc. (SPHRS) is a non-profit, family oriented, historical society made up of people like you who are interested in preserving our nation's rich heritage.
The main emphasis of the society is in portraying as accurately as possible, the common Civil War soldier of 1861-65. SPHRS is a "galvanized" reenactment unit, meaning we will represent either Confederate or Federal military units depending on what impression is needed at a particular reenactment event.
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SPHRS as the 49th North Carolina Troops
The military impressions SPHRS proudly represents are the 49th North Carolina Troops Infantry unit of the Confederate Army and the 21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry unit of the Union or Federal Army. However since SPHRS is based in North Carolina, whenever we attend a reenactment event where the 49th NC Troops actually fought, we are always dressed as Confederate!
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SPHRS as the 21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
We also have members that choose do civilian impressions at battle and living history events.  The same authenticity is maintained by SPHRS civilian reenactors as their military counterparts! 
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SPHRS members as period Civilian Impressions
We are asked many times why we do what we do.  The late Bruce Catton, Civil War historian and author of many books on the subject, when asked a similar question on this subject said the following:
"We are people to whom the past is forever speaking.  We listen to it because we cannot help ourselves.  For the past speaks with many voices.  Far out of that nowhere is the time before we were born, men who were flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone, who went through fire and storm to break a path to the future.  We are a part of the future they died for; they are part of the past that brought the future.  What they did, the stories they told and the songs they sang, and finally the deaths they died make up a past of our own experience.  We cannot cut ourselves off from it.  It is as real to us as something that happened last week.  It is a basic part of our heritage as Americans."
By striving to create a historically accurate impression during living history events, school programs, and battle reenactments we hope to give a glimpse of the common Civil War soldier to the public.
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